Tuesday, October 01, 2013

We're Going To Rock Onto Electric Avenue And Talk About Tax Policy

People asked me today, why I was working when the government was shut down. This highlights the fact that the government doesn't fund us, if anything, we fund the government via their confiscatory pre-funding requirements. In fact, we would have shown a profit in the last quarter if we weren't funding health care for people that haven't even been born yet, and who, even if they were born, probably wouldn't work for the post office because it won't be there because we funded their health care for their old age before they were born.
Anyway, that wasn't exactly what I wanted to talk about. If the electricity goes out, the meter stops spinning and we don't have to pay for something we didn't get. Now that the Republicans have shut down the government, do we still have to pay taxes?
Someone told me today that, "It takes two to tango," so Republicans and Democrats were equally at fault. I said, "That's false equivalence. In a bank robbery, there's a robber and a teller. Are they equally at fault? I'll help you out here; the answer is no."

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