Friday, October 11, 2013

How Many Mice Must Die Before The Madness Ends?

I downloaded icatcher, and now my podcast woes are behind me. Mostly. People are giving it 5 star reviews, probably because it's at least five times better than Apple's podcast app. That would still give it 0 stars based on the multiplying by 0 property, except 1 star is the minimum allowed. So far, it's not as intuitive as the way I was doing it (which involved me listening to podcasts by saying, "Siri, play A Podcast Playlist") but better than the app Apple foisted on me that thwarted me at every turn:
Me: play a podcast playlist
Siri: no
And, I just downloaded an app called Overdrive that allows me to borrow e-books from the public library for free. So, life is good. Mostly:
They're still talking about killing mice because the researchers have been furloughed, while the Congresspeople that furloughed them get to keep not only their lives, but their jobs.

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