Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Is This True?

Lately, I've been able to use my phone to deposit checks without having to go to the bank. The banks are using the same customer service paradigm that we use at the post office, "Go away, don't bother us." Of course, that means we need fewer clerks and tellers, so as our phones replace our jobs, it's not clear who's going to have checks that need to be deposited.
In a nice retro touch, however, Apple has found a way for me, at least, to fill my time. I'm trying to change my podcasts manually into another file type and then copy them to my phone in the correct order so that I can hear the news. This was something my phone and computer used to do for me, so I guess as they replace us, we can start doing the rote mechanical work they don't enjoy. That's fine for podcasts, but some people are really going to resent having to build catapults to fling real angry birds.
In the meantime, while I've been unable to hear my podcasts, I did hear a rumor that the Republicans, our modern Philistines, have insourced one of their jobs and pulled their temple down on themselves.

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