Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Apocalypse; Just Another Buddy Movie

I listened to an interview today with Annalee Newitz about her new book, Scatter, Adapt and Remember.  She said that in our planet's history, there have been six mass extinctions. Most appear to have been triggered by climate change, and that we may be in the beginnings of one right now. No need to be alarmed, these things only seem sudden on geologic time scales.  Even the mass extinction caused by an asteroid impact sixty five million years ago played out over the next few hundred thousand years or so. So, you can probably keep driving your SUV for now, especially if you're an unfeeling jerk.
Anyway, these things have winners and losers. It wasn't a great time to be a dinosaur, but cheeky little mammals did okay. She says that we are positioned to survive because, "we're really good at adapting to live anywhere, and we're really good at eating a wide variety of foods."Who else does that describe?Our constant companion, side by side, the cockroach.
Through all kinds of weather 
What if the sky should fall? 
Just so long as we're together
It doesn't matter at all

In other news, I'm toying with going for a rando this weekend. By this point in training for such a thing, it's time to start tapering. Sadly, though, the only way I could put less effort into training would involve self-gavage.

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