Thursday, June 27, 2013

Me And Mr. Zip: It's A Scream

A few weeks ago, I forgot to take a customer's mail out to them when they came back from vacation. The supervisor said that they'd come in for it, and I should try and remember to check my holds every day. I was embarrassed, because I have a system for remembering that, and I was surprised I'd missed it. And also embarrassed because, I'm a mailman. They didn't ask me to remove their mail from their gall bladder, or write a brief. It was a simple thing; it was de minimis I could do (or not, depending on what de minimis might actually mean).
Today,  when I saw outgoing mail at a house, I thought, "Oh, they came back early." I looked at my notes, and realized, "Oh no, they were supposed to get their mail yesterday."
I have always complained that the post office treats their employees like we're too dumb to dress ourselves. This job is going to be so much harder now that I'll have to keep checking to see if my pants are zipped.

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