Tuesday, June 04, 2013

People Are Buzzing

Since my last post, I took the CPAP machine back. I had to sign a form that said I was acting against medical advice. A little annoying that giving back a machine that kept me awake requires signing an AMA form, but I could walk across the street to Burger King and order a side order of lard, no questions asked. Except for maybe, "Up-size that for you?

Here's a tip after watching an argument at work: poking a piñata with a stick is fun, doing the same thing to a hornets' nest isn't.

Also today, on the news, I heard a woman from Alabama say, "I’m not begging my lords for mercy. I’m a born free American woman." This was in response to a delay in processing her application for tax exempt status for her tea party activism. Not that she couldn't say all her tea party stuff, or that she had to pay extra taxes, just whether or not her tea party activities were political, which is not tax exempt or charitable which is. Anyway, her suffering sure puts this guys political stand (24 years ago today) in perspective:
I know, a little too on the nose. Looking at that picture reminds me of the horrors taking place now in Syria. We're going to have to choose if we want to support the Al-Qaeda backed terrorists or the Iranian backed terrorists. Apparently, the idea of not getting involved as people we don't like fight each other isn't an option.

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