Sunday, March 03, 2013

You Say Sequester, I Say Man Overboard

The sequester has gotten off to a slow start like a piano just starting to fall on us as the rope slips out of our hand. We can disagree about the cause, only because some people are wrong. The fact is that back in 2011, Republicans were trying to make a point about how concerned they were about national insolvency that they refused to pay the bills they had incurred. Reluctantly they agreed to pay them if they could threaten us with disaster later. They assumed that they would win the presidency and the Senate and could then steer our ship of state in the direction of low taxes for millionaires and wage stagnation for the middle class. Amazingly, they lost, and now here we are.
So, the blame is clear, but that's not the point any more. The point is it doesn't matter if you were the captain of the Titanic or of the iceberg, now it's time to man the lifeboats.

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