Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hooray For Our Side

I spent an hour and a half carrying a  sign and waving at traffic today. Our group was protesting the elimination of Saturday delivery by the post office. We were across the street from a Wahlgreen's that had a sign with the temperature updated every two minutes. It briefly got up to 18º F, and then, like a ground hog with a shadow, quickly ducked back down. Where does the blood go when it's not in your fingers or your toes? Your brain, I suppose, because I certainly had a lot of random, disconnected thoughts while I froze in place.
I was reminded of the last time I waved a sign, and how well we did ending the Viet Nam war, just six years later. In retrospect (and prospect, and contemporaneously) I wonder if that war even made sense. We were fighting to stop Communism, but if truth, justice and the American way were so superior, wouldn't the Communists have realized that eventually anyway and converted? Or have been buried by us? And didn't that happen? But only after so very many bombs (and pilots) fell out of the sky.
Maybe, as free market believers, we should just mind our own business, and let the rest of the world mind theirs. It's hard to see why a Defense Department would have been bombing Baghdad, for example.
While I was at the rally, I met one of my blog readers IRL.  I've always assumed that when my count of page views went up, it was me revisiting a post I'm particularly proud of. But if he is reading it, maybe someone else besides me is reading it also. It made me rethink the whole Heffalump thing. I've always assumed like every one else, that when Pooh and Piglet kept seeing more and more tracks going around the tree, they were their own tracks. But did anyone really ever count? Was CSI: Hundred Acre Wood ever consulted? Or was it easier to just believe Christopher Robin, and did anyone ever think to ask, what were his motives in all of this?

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