Thursday, January 31, 2013

Waste Not, Want Not

I ended up staying home most of the week to take care of Karen because she's been having muscle spasms, and on Tuesday, she spasmed on over, and into the fireplace. Well, not into it, we're not staging Hansel and Gretel; more onto it. She wasn't especially damaged, but she was still having spasms which made it hard, and a little dangerous to move around on her own. Anyway, after three days, I was restless and bored, the paralegal called from Mt. Sinai and said, we probably have a case, but under Alaska law, we can't collect damages, or at least not enough to be worth filing for, and after that, I was cranky, but still bored. I didn't want to waste the moment, so it seemed an apt time to pay bills and do our taxes.
 I ended up with two problems in TurboTax. I spent an hour and seven minutes "chatting" with 17 Bernadette. She told me that I could solve my problem by filing online from my mutual fund's website. I told her I had already bought, and paid for(!) TurboTax, and I didn't want to start over and also buy it again. She looked further into it and told me I had to talk to the mutual fund's Tier 3 support, which I guess I did, and they fixed it. But then, another problem developed, and I couldn't face chatting with 17 Bernadette again, so I went to TurboTax's online community, which is where the real help is, but making your customers  be your tech support seems just wrong. And also, since it's slow and just people talking, it's like playing Zork with the IRS.

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