Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I've Looked At Clouds From Both Sides, Too

Did you know that Joni Mitchell wrote that song, Both Sides, but Judy Collins had the hit with it?Really, what I mean is, did you know that they weren't the same person?
Anyway, clouds, every silver lining has its own dark cloud. I've written that, and so has virtually everyone else whoever wrote about silver linings. But the converse isn't true. I've been inside clouds, and they're not silver, they're not even lined. It's just fog.
My cardiologist, and here's another aside, "my cardiologist," it just rolls off the tongue doesn't it, like, my gerontologist, or my undertaker, so, my cardiologist told me to start taking aspirin, and since we already had a bottle from Costco with 500 tablets,  he said I could take 325mg a day or four times the normal dose for heart health. Which I've been doing for almost a year. This morning I read that people taking aspirin are much more likely to develop macular degeneration which is exactly the kind of degeneration you don't want to develop. So, the silver lining for taking aspirin for heart health is that aspirin also protects against some cancers. The dark cloud is, I guess, literally, a dark cloud.

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