Sunday, January 27, 2013

To Riff On Something Leah Said, The Universe Is Like A Geriatric Parrot. It Keeps Repeating The Same Things And It's Getting Old

Last summer, friends recommended that Karen see an attorney about a CT Needle Biopsy that went awry and left her tilted to the right. I was writing to them today:

I talked to an attorney's office last summer, per Robert's advice. The attorney had been recommended by a nurse at Karen's pain clinic. The paralegal wasn't very encouraging, and so I let the matter drop for awhile. Eventually, I got a letter from them saying that since I had been so dilatory, they had closed my file. I hadn't realized that they had even opened a file! As Robert predicted, Karen's tilt got worse, so I scanned some documents, and sent them to the attorney. I got an email reminding me that they had already closed my file, and recommending a different attorney. I contacted them and received a call Friday, and now the paralegal will approach the attorney in his tabernacle and see if he thinks Karen has a case. She certainly has a tilt. She fell over because of it recently, and hurt the shoulder that she broke a few years ago. We went to the doctor that set it then, and x-rays don't show a break, but because of the angle of the shot, he said that certainty would require an MRI. Of course, MRI's are a problem because the magnets turn off her pump and it takes an excruciating hour or so for it to turn itself back on. We may still have to do it though, since it's hard to hear the TV over the clicking sound that emanates from her shoulder when she moves her arm.
In a somewhat related note, I'm reading Why Does The World Exist, and so far, not one good reason.

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