Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Two Identical Snow Flakes Fall In Anchorage

What I don't know about set theory would fit in a book, tentatively titled Everything There Is To Know About Set Theory, A Boxed Collection or Group. But I'm pretty sure that if a set isn't infinite, then there is (or perhaps, are) a finite number of ways to arrange it. So, if there are only so many (so very many, but still) water molecules to freeze into flakes, then eventually, the pattern must repeat. Since a very large number, perhaps half an infinity, have fallen here this winter, then ergo, flakes of a feather, flocking together.
Some people here are cheering for the snowfall record to be broken. I was in Boston when they won the World Series, and it was cool and all, but I couldn't really take any pride in it; I hadn't hit a ball anywhere. By the same token, I guess being somewhere when a record is broken would be interesting, but this record isn't so much breaking as falling on us.

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