Monday, February 27, 2012

One Character Per Inch Of Snow. Twitter And Snowfall Achieving A Weird Convergence.

As of this morning, Anchorage's snow total for the season is in the top five all-time ever recorded. The Weather Service doesn't want us to give up hope that we might still break the record (we've long since given up hope that snow will ever melt) since the two snowiest days on record were both in March. Slogging through snow day after day, has sapped my will to blog, but I have managed to get a few tweets off, and I just realized that if I dragged and dropped them here, I'd have a post.

Santorum for ayatollah. @BuddyRoemer for president.

"Casino mogul funds Newt's superPAC" Newt for pit boss.@BuddyRoemer for president.

Romney to Detroit: "Let them eat cake." Mitt for Baker-In-Chief.@BuddyRoemer for president.

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