Friday, March 09, 2012

No Oobleck, Though

I've told you before that you don't know what's going to kill you. Karen and I just watched some videos from the 50's about fallout shelters. In one of them, the actor playing the homeowner is smoking a cigarette. Since the film is sixty years old, I bet the actor is dead, and I bet he didn't die from a Soviet A-bomb.
The films showed that when people were vaporized by the blast there was an outline of their bodies in silhouette on walls that remained standing. If the blast was to come here, now, the shadow could be left on the walls of snow lining our streets. And there's so much snow that tourists could come years from now to see it. And yet, we still haven't broken the record. I'm betting I break first. It's tempting to just give up, but winter isn't taking prisoners.
There's so much snow that it's become an issue in the mayoral election. And in postal delivery. After they adjusted my route last summer, I told them, "You don't listen." It's been six months, so they are evaluating the changes they made. Cognizant of the mistakes they made last time, they're making an effort to not listen harder.
Oh, and one more thing, that's not falling as fast as it should. In December, I reached my goal weight. Then came Christmas, vacation, and binge eating. I've been back on my plan for more than two months, and while I've been losing weight, I still have not gotten back to goal. That means that it takes more than two and a half months to lose the weight that I put on in two and a half weeks. Does this seem right? Does this ever happen to you?
I'm only asking because my friend, Rich, said it would be interesting to know if that was a common formula; four times as long (or more) to lose weight as it takes to put it on. I've commissioned a poll at the top of the page to see what you think.

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