Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sarah Called. We Don't Like The Same People

Sarah called yesterday because I had posted here that Karen had made a final decision that she couldn't go to the wedding. But by the time she called, we were way past that final decision. Now she's definitely coming to the wedding and as a token of her seriousness, tonight she went to Kroger's (what we provincials call Fred Meyer's) and right now is putting away the groceries.
Today they stopped her antibiotics, and Tuesday they are going to do an MRI to see if her discitis returns once the antibiotics aren't controlling it. After that, we're going to make another final decision.
The day before yesterday, I had a little migraine thing going. Yesterday morning I woke up feeling a little fragile.  Karen asked my advice about something and then promptly did the opposite, which is fine, but why even ask? Then Leah had alarm clock issues. She was all, "Can you wake me in five minutes?", and I was, "No, in five minutes I'll already be five minutes late for work." Now, Karen is somewhat disabled, moves slowly, and uses a walker, but somehow was able to keep positioning herself between me and wherever I was trying to get. Eventually, testily,  I made it outside and  pedaled frantically to work. Once there, I felt like everyone was just trying to get in my way. It was like, "Maypole walking!" and everyone ran to dance around in front of me, or like a thirties musical where people would come sliding in on their knees  from offstage blocking the protagonist. I was just infuriated. And then suddenly the aura started, and I was having another little migraine thing. I told Sarah about that, and said that maybe the rage and being irritated with everyone was really a precursor, like a pre-aura symptom of migraine. She said no, or she was having a migraine every day.

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