Sunday, July 04, 2010

You've Always Loved The Red Sox, But Have They Ever Loved You Back?

Don't tell anyone in my family, but I sort of admire President Obama. I think he's accomplished a lot in a short time. Some of what he's done isn't as good as I'd hoped for, but a lot of the shortcomings are caused by Republicans who won't accept ideas they had a few years ago, if they come from Democrats.
I mean, I'm not blind to the fact that ridiculously high deficits will lead to inflation that will mean that if I ever retire my pension will just about pay for living in a cardboard box. Just one more reason not to recycle;  maybe if I save up enough boxes, I can rent them out to other retirees.
So that's (my admiration for Obama, it's a post about admiring Obama) why it was such a disappointment this morning to wake up from a dream in which Obama was my new supervisor and he was trying to dock my pay.

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