Friday, July 16, 2010

The Worm Ouroboros Joins Project Greenlight

A few years ago, all the talk was about the imminent death of old media because new media, i.e. the internet, Youtube, and Twitter were stealing eyeballs with their sticky screens. Really, that's how we talked, eyeballs and sticky screens. Now, don't think less of me (as if you would, or even could) but I have subscribed to a Twitter feed, that's been turned into a book. The book's called Sh*t My Dad Says, and now that's being turned into a TV show called S#*! My Dad Says. So things have come full circle. They posted a video that was awful, and I should have blogged about it then. My idea was that if they take a Twitter feed, and they can't even repeat the name of the feed on TV, then the show is doomed. Since then, they've replaced that clip with one that's only average, which is a huge improvement, but I've got to tell you, that if they merely tried to read the tweets on network TV, it would sound like a test of the emergency broadcast system.

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