Sunday, July 25, 2010

How Fallen Are The Mighty Part ll

The packet we got from New England Adventures said the tour would only be fun if we could ride 50 miles. They didn't say if they meant easily, or in our wildest dreams.  In my wildest dreams is starting to seem like a pretty good itinerary. Yesterday we went out and rode 50 miles, so yes, we can do it, and for what it's worth, I outlasted my iPhone battery which only made it 33 miles before it gave out. On the other hand, it wheezed a lot less, and had a lot more dignity. For one thing, it wasn't wearing bib shorts, which are designed primarily to add an extra burst of speed, as Emo Phillips says, to avoid the guys yelling "Kill the fairies!"
I was pretty blithe about being able to ride 50 miles, since as you may recall, because I've never stopped talking about it, I once rode 100 miles.  Of course, since then, I've had some interruptions to my training schedule; in fact,  I'm typing this instead of doing my push-ups, so at least I'm adhering pretty closely to the interruptions. After reading that last link that you probably didn't click on, I realized that pretty much nothing has changed since Karen is still in about the worst pain of her life,  and would use a walker if she could be helped to her feet which she can't.
When we were in England, we climbed the stairs at Warwick Castle. It was a narrow spiral stairway in the dark, but every few stairs they had small slits in the wall to allow a little light in. In that same manner, as we seem to spiral back down, there are tiny flickers in the gloom;  the Salvation Army stopped by on Friday and told us that once a month they can send someone over to vacuum and dust for us.

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