Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dirk Gently, Holistic Detective and the Art of Bicycle Maintenance

Even though last week it was snowing here, today spring is in the air.  This afternoon I delivered mail in shorts and with my sleeves rolled up (like the T-shirt says, "I have the right to bare arms.") and last night I took the studded tires off my bicycle. I took the studded tires off, and I even put one back on, but when I went to put the back tire on, the chain was twisted like a cat's cradle. I couldn't figure out how to untwist it (even after getting the cats out of it) and I couldn't even see how I had twisted it into that position in the first place. Luckily, Rich stopped by with a hard drive he'd borrowed, and while I went in the house to make sure he hadn't damaged it, I asked him to fix my bike, and he did! When we went out for a test ride, there was some slack in the chain, and he said just to pedal it, and the slack would be taken up. I argued with him, just as if I was entitled to an opinion in the matter.

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