Sunday, February 24, 2008

War Is Never A Solution; It Is An Aggravation. ~Benjamin Disraeli

That's what Disraeli said about war, but really you could put almost any word at the beginning of that sentence and it would still be true.
The old riddle asks why you always find things in the last place you look. I finally found the square I was looking for in a recent post. It was, of course, in the last place I looked. What was kind of irritating was that it was also the first place I looked several days ago.
Anyway, finding the square allowed me to move forward and do battle with the vinyl I'm putting in the apartment. It was a close fought struggle, eventually involving hammers and even a knife. I don't want to crow, but one of us is laying supine in the basement, and one of us is up here blogging.
That was just one room, though. One battle in a long war that will turn TV's, tables and bookcases into refugees, and threatens to turn one family member against another.

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