Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's Chametz No Matter Where You Find It

I meant by now, to be able to report on the the vinyl laying project. My friend, Rich, came by while I was scraping the floor on Monday. We talked about those sad sacks that have to buy new tools for every project because they can't find the ones they bought before. I confessed that I had bought a square to cut the vinyl rather than look for the one I knew I had. How sad a sack am I? I haven't started laying the vinyl because I can't find the square I just bought.

So lost amidst the sadness over the cat yesterday, I didn't mention that Karen's visiting nurse was concerned that she might have an infection at the site of the new catheter going into her spine. She recommended going to see the nurse at the doctor's office, and I had to scurry all day to finish in time to take Karen there. The nurse looked at it, and said it looked like a yeast infection. She pulled the catheter out, so I guess we're done with that. It's probably just as well, what with Passover coming.


  1. that last line is terrible. People are groaning all over the world.

  2. JodyTate@msn.com5:38 PM

    Sarah's in Boston and I'm in Index....the Glickman's are in Israel....that's the world to me, too!! GROAN....but very, very's a good thing you were adopted....