Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in. " Michael Corleone

So, another day off, another day taking Karen to the doctor's office, and fighting with Blue Cross.
We took Karen to the doctor's office to get her infusion pump (not the external one, but the one implanted next to her spine) filled. Here's a transcript:
Nurse: I'll just go get the medicine.
Two minute pause
Nurse: No one ordered the medicine.

Now for a slightly different topic. Back in the thirties, Robert Benchley wrote about someone he imagined went around saying, "You're misinformed, you're misinformed." By the way, if you have a moment you should really follow that link since there's a guy who's irritated and amusing, whereas right this second I'm just really irritated. Really. Do you remember the prior approval cabal? Last year, we were told that for Karen to continue getting her oral meds, starting January 1st, she'd need to get prior approval every time. We gave the number to the doctor, but there was never a response. I called Blue Cross today to ask for an update. They told me that I had to talk to Medco. I told her that I'd been told that the prior approval process was run by Blue Cross. She told me that I was misinformed. She connected me with Medco. The Medco lady said that no, we'd both been misinformed, Caremark still ran the prior approval process. So Caremark doesn't fill the prescriptions, and they don't pay for the prescriptions, they just decide who gets the prescriptions. The status of our request? They have no idea who we are, or what we're talking about, but if the doctor just calls them they can start the prior approval process.

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  1. This is why I don't have a doctor or ever go see doctors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!