Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I just wrote my Senators again: I just deleted a list of GOP policies that have galled, embarrassed, infuriated or just seemed wrong to me. It was a long list, too long to make you read, but the thing is, none of them really affected me that much personally. But now, the Trump budget proposes changing the way COLA is calculated for FERS and CSRS retirees after we’ve already retired. Senator, this breaks a promise that was made to us that we planned our lives around. The National Active and Retired Federal Employees group had this to say, “The average FERS annuitant would lose: • $23,430 over 10 years • $99,471 over 20 years • $246,185 over 30 years • $487,829 over 40 years The average CSRS annuitant would lose: • $12,598 over 10 years • $60,576 over 20 years • $169,874 over 30 years • $381,418 over 40 years This clearly shows that the Trump budget will cost federal retirees, cumulatively, hundreds of thousands of dollars over their years of retirement, and is nothing less than the theft of promised and hard-earned pensions from our nation’s dedicated public servants." Will you work for federal employees as we’ve worked for the federal government? Thanks, david Here's the list I deleted:gutting environmental protections, breaking the health insurance market without a plan to replace it, ramping up military engagements around the world without any pretense of Congressional oversight or declarations of war, ending net neutrality, allowing ISP’s to invade and profit from their customers’ private information, refusing to even hold a vote on a Supreme Court justice, repealing regulations that protect seniors’ retirement funds, repealing regulations to allow banks to scam their customers, religious bigotry disguised as public safety, deporting beneficiaries of DACA, confirming nominees to Cabinet positions who have spent their careers in opposition to the very departments they now head, restarting the failed war on drugs, pretending that “Supply Side” economics isn’t just a transfer of wealth to the wealthy, facilitating the mentally ill’s access to guns, getting rid of the Consumer Finance Protection which protects citizens from the depredations of financiers.

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