Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A market broke out in the parking lot at Fire Island bakery in our neighborhood. There was birch ice cream made with local birch syrup, foraged and grown mushrooms (and a mushroom powder that we bought) live music with a backup dancing dog, and of course, Fire Island Bakery. It closes in 4 minutes, but it will be there every Wednesday from 3-7. See you there?
It finally got above 60 and simultaneously I finally fit into the shorts I bought this spring. We walked to the market and I was slightly overheated by the time we got home. I suppose the takeaway here is that we're going to Iowa in July to melt like a cake someone left out in the MacArthur Park steam bath.
And then there were some photos over on Facebook.

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  1. Just a reminder, there is no ac in Iowa (and little water. . . .). Did you rent the RV yet?!