Monday, April 24, 2017

Patricia, you asked the other day how we were doing. Answering that question requires a degree of introspection that I'm uncomfortable sharing, but I can tell you a little of WHAT we're doing. We are training in a desultory manner while we await the results next week of the lottery to participate in RAGBRAI (Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa). If we are picked, we will have to accelerate our training regimen to compensate for the lifetime of not training at all. Besides not currently being in shape to even ride across Iowa on an airliner, we are concerned with the fact that the ride takes place outside in Iowa. In Anchorage, the last time it was as hot as the AVERAGE July temperature in Iowa, Alaska was still part of Pangaea floating around the equator. That's just the average Iowa weather, but like a sociopath that can seem normal for short stretches, the weather in Iowa is always capable of killing you without warning or remorse. But it's stopping in Karen's and your childhood home, so how could we pretend to be cyclists and not participate? So, if we're picked, will you come down to the farm to see us? Is corn ripe by the end of July? Because last time we were there, Chris showed us a life-hack to prepare fresh-picked corn that made us feel like we'd been eating sand up to that point. Anyway, we'll find out next week, so updates as available.

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