Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I just heard that Sean Spicer said Assad is worse than Hitler, because as bad as Hitler was, he never used poison gas on his own people.
Is he saying that the Jews weren't Germans, or that they weren't people? Either way, he's wrong and he should be ashamed, if anyone in the Trump administration could even feel shame.


  1. Republican members of congress have indicated that they don't consider "liberals" or democrats their constituients over many recent town halls, so it's not shocking that Spicer would buy into an argument that German Jews weren't Hitler's people.

    More importantly, if he wants to argue Assad is worse than Hitler, why aren't we re-evaluating how many Syrian refugees we can accommodate?!

    1. Don Young reiterated that position just yesterday at an Alaskan town hall. Refugees are scary. They might walk into a church and shoot people.