Monday, April 24, 2017

I just posted on Senator Murkowski's Facebook page and sent a message to Senator Sullivan. Maybe you should too, or call or fax, or send a message carved on a grain of rice, something to let them know your opinion. The leader of the GOP is threatening to hold access to health care hostage for the most vulnerable Americans in order to fund an absurd wall. It's positions like this that caused me to leave the Republican Party. Please, Senator, let us know that you will not be a part of funding the wall at the expense of Americans. Especially since candidate Trump promised us that Mexico would pay for the ill-advised wall. Oh, as long as I'm pretending I have your attention, please make part of any tax reform that you vote for compel Trump to release his tax returns so that we can see how he'll be affected by the plan he's championing.

from Facebook

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