Monday, March 03, 2014

I woke up yesterday morning at my usual time. When I realized I was off, I was so thrilled about being able to sleep in that I almost couldn't fall back to sleep, but then I did!
I think this graphic from QuizUp illustrates how that fits into the overall arc of my life:
that is, some small achievements and no friends. And doesn't this give the lie to the whole "Work hard and you'll be rewarded," credo. You can't imagine how many hours I had to put in to get to "General of Knowledge" in QuizUp and I really don't have anything to show for it. Well, except for this graphic that I'm humble bragging about.

In other news, John McCain is saying that the Russians invading the Crimea shows that the world doesn't respect us anymore. But how many countries do we have to bomb to get their respect? We just left Iraq, we're still in Afghanistan after more than twelve years, we're sending drones into Pakistan and it's only been three years since we were bombing Libya. And do any of those countries seem better off for our intervention? Furthermore, does that ever work? John McCain himself had already been shot down while bombing North Vietnam and was a prisoner of war when the Russians invaded Czechoslovakia. They invaded Hungary barely two years after the end of the Korean war. The Korean war itself started less than five years after we had dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. I think if people were going to respect us for being willing to be bad asses, World War II should have done the trick.
Finally, our usual shout out to dog and vegan lovers.

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