Friday, March 07, 2014

Nothing About Vegans In This Post

So, about six weeks ago, I was saying that I was surrendering in the grammar/word usage wars. I specifically mentioned that if most people think "begs the question," means "invites the question," then it does.* Today, Grammar Girl took up "begs the question" in her podcast. She searched google and found thousands of incorrect usages, but no correct ones. It's over; ** it means invites the question. But, we don't have to just grudgingly accept the decline of our language into grunts and gestures. Well, we do, but instead of thinking of it as decline, we can feel privileged to get to watch the language change right before our eyes.
Another source of confusion has been around which of our dogs is the cutest. I don't want to decide for you, but look at this face:

*In addition, according to a reader, I used nine commas in one sentence. I never went back to count, but I suppose she's right. I'm fond of commas, and I scatter them like birdseed.
**I also have an unhealthy attachment to semicolons.

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