Saturday, January 30, 2010

Good Eats

If you should find yourself in northeast Iowa, as you could, even inadvertantly if you're a faithful GPS follower, you can believe the hype (voted best in Iowa) about the cinnamon rolls at Ruby's in Decorah. The pizza at the Main Feature in Waukon is sinfully good, which is odd since the restaurant/theatre is owned by a church. (Over)eating their taco pizza makes you believe that once they've led you to God they're going to send you to Him.
Now we're killing time in our room at the O'hare Hilton before walking through the tunnel to the terminal and flying to Boston. The overpriced food here must be aimed at travelers on corporate expense accounts. I feel doubly ripped off, first by paying $27 for yogurt, muffins and coffee and second as a mutual fund owner that must be paying for those corporate drones. I bet a lot of those guys splurge, too, and get cold cereal. When will they feel Main Street's contempt for their lavish lifestyle?

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