Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fox News: In Iowa "Yesteday Was Dreadful."

Yesterday we drove from Chicago to Iowa. You know how we mock those boobs that follow their GPS without looking out their windows until they are trying to dig their way out of a snowbank with a Triscuit? We were like that, except as Karen pointed out, we didn't even have a Triscuit. After crossing the Mississippi River, non-GPS users like I used to be, turn right and drive on the highway to Waukon. Rather than do that, the GPS recommended that we drive on county roads which in a blizzard are indistinguishable from county driveways or county backyards. The snow was unmarked by tire tracks until we drove through, the first perhaps since Daniel Boone first paved it. Eventually, like the great trailblazer himself (although we were in a Tahoe, not a Trailblazer) we fetched up at the Stoney Creek Inn.

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