Tuesday, October 07, 2008

One Step Back and Running in Place

Don't you just hate those people that take two steps forward before they take one step back?

 Yesterday, after my sketchy trip to the pharmacy, Karen took some Sudafed and felt much better. Some nurses with needles came by in the afternoon and made seven unsuccessful  attempts to draw blood from Karen's arms (which are made of turnips). They finally took it from the PICC line. While this was easy, it wasn't their first choice since the blood was to be tested for its antibiotic level.
Last night, her headache returned with a vengeance, no wait, that was Bruce Willis, her headache returned with nausea and kept her awake all night, and me awake intermittently. Today I took her to the doctor who took one look at her lab results from yesterday and said, "These aren't the tests I ordered."
So more blood draws today, from the PICC line at least, and another trip to the doctor tomorrow.
One huge bright spot, though. Grilled salmon and broccoli from Jan DeYong. Those of you who have eaten at the DeYong's know what she's capable of in the kitchen. The rest of you, be jealous, very jealous.

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