Friday, October 03, 2008

I Hate Hate Crimes. Wait, Can We Say That?

I really do think the concept of hate crimes is pretty stupid. We already have laws against murder, assault and what have you; it shouldn't matter what the mindset of the perpetrator was, the victim is just as dead or beat up. I don't suppose it's even completely possible, given the state of our technology, to know for sure what the criminal was thinking about while committing his crime. I think designating something a hate crime is just a way for certain people that think a certain way to feel better about themselves.

Alaska is a very large state, one fifth the size of the continental United States. Even though some of it is mountainous, and some is wetlands, there's still a lot of land available for landfills. No one has convinced me that it is more environmentally responsible to ship cans and paper Outside than it is to bury it here. Regardless, Anchorage residents are being forced into curbside recycling and paying more for the service. One of my customers, a few weeks ago, was telling me how great this program was. I told her that I didn't believe in recycling, but, and here I was sputtering a little, I rode a bike instead of driving a Suburban like she did. I'm sure she feels good about her choice to recycle, but why drag the rest of us into it?

Since, in my own mind, I'm such an environmental wunderkind (I don't which is more pathetic, that I think I'm all that, environmentally, or that I think I can still be any kind of "kind") and we're having a little snow mixed with rain today, it might be time to put my brand new Nokian 294 studded tires on my bike. I'm pretty excited.

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