Thursday, November 10, 2016

I forgot to post this one here yesterday

On Facebook, I am seeing people say that the election is over, and now it’s time to come together. I get that. It’s the only way forward for our country.
But, it’s really hard for me to imagine I can still be friends with people that voted for Trump. I disagreed with people that voted for Romney, both Dan Sullivans, Parnell, and, of course, Don Young, but I understood that they had a different vision of government and society than I did. Friends can do that.

The people that voted for Trump knew that he bragged about assaulting women, that he lied about things that could easily be fact checked and didn’t stop lying even when he was shown the truth;  that he didn’t pay taxes on his billions, that his policies were incoherent and contradictory. They knew that he was so easily baited that his aides had to take away his Twitter account.
I don’t think you can say that Trump had any vision of government or society at all. He had no fixed positions on anything. Well, almost anything. He seemed to hate people of color, Muslims, women, reporters, refugees, sometimes gays and sometimes abortions. And that’s just what  came to mind in a few seconds of thought.

His supporters agreed with all of that and added Jews. He and his campaign retweeted Klan members and Nazis.  I don’t know if I would  be brave enough to shelter a refugee family.  But I’m also not sure I want to associate with the people that voted for the candidate of the people that killed Anne Frank instead of the people trying to save her.

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