Monday, May 06, 2013

It's Not You, It's Me

Just a regular day off, took Karen to get her pump filled but the medicine wasn't there. Now I'll have to take time off from work to do the thing I scheduled six weeks ago for this day because it was a day off. Now we're attempting to get her some X-rays. Meanwhile (literally meanwhile, they answered while we were back in the room) I was on hold with one of her providers for 35 minutes because my insurance EOB said that they needed more information from them, but the provider said that the insurance company never told them that, they told them they were denying the claim. Who to believe? I went back to the insurance company web site, but every time I tried to check Karen's EOB's, I got logged out because they insist on me and my wife having separate web accounts, but clicking on the link automatically input my credentials, even though this morning it didn't.
After that I'm redoing my sleep study, which I apparently failed,  to tell me that I'm tired and cranky from sleep apnea, not because everyone around me is irritating.

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