Wednesday, May 22, 2013

If You've Got Your Health

I've been wearing my CPAP mask for a few days now. It seems pretty large, and regardless of its design, it seems to be waking me up more than the putative apnea it's supposed to be curing. When the technician was fitting me,  based on what she was muttering, she seemed to be thinking about that medieval conundrum about dancing angels.
Since I started this post, I've been back to the CPAP store, and exchanged the mask for a smaller one that feels like it's suffocating me, which I guess is a small price to pay for a good night's sleep. This post was delayed while I looked for a photo of me from a few years ago, to show approximately what the mask looked like if Michael Dukakis was wearing a sleep mask in a Russian Boy Scout/Air Force museum. I couldn't find it, which caused me to delete the whole middle part of the post about what a great job we had done picking up the house.

Oh, here's some good news. I know, that really doesn't fit this blog's format, but here it is. Karen has been telling her doctor for years, that she doesn't like the way the "miracle" drug he's been putting in her pump makes her feel. I've been telling him that she seems to have the 

•problems with memory, speech, walking, or thinking;

• feeling like you might pass out;

• extreme drowsiness or tired feeling, depressed mood;

• feeling paranoid, hostile, disoriented, or confused;

• hallucinations, unusual thoughts or behavior, thoughts of hurting yourself; or

• feeling less alert, decreased consciousness (stupor or lack of response)
side effects. Finally, he took it out and we are back to the pre-Prialt levels of hostility and confusion. A vast improvement. First, do no harm, indeed. Now she just has the underlying excruciating pain to deal with, but that's a small price to pay for clarity of mind.

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