Sunday, October 07, 2012

Sometimes It's Better To Be Lucky Than A Genius

I didn't expect they could help, but I took my iPhone to the Apple Geniuses to see if they could get my podcasts to work as they did before the Podcasts debacle. I took a beat to gather my thoughts so that I could explain my problem without telling them how awful their app was. This process was somewhat vitiated by my telling them what I was doing. "Well, that's just your opinion," he said. 
"There are almost four thousand ratings," I replied. "Well, four thousand opinions," he said. Actually, it's one opinion repeated four thousand times. But I digress (a possible title for my autobiography).
Anyway, I told them about those happy days of podcast listening, now sadly lost, and how back then, listening to podcasts, in order, I'd sometimes feel sad, never knowing that the thin crust we walk and dance our lives upon can all be ripped so suddenly from us and that we'll have podcasts scrambled to the point that we'll know results before causes (Einstein's Dreams May 3rd, 1905, or perhaps May 10th, 1905, indeed, how could we know that, how can we know anything in such a world?)
So, as I say, the Genius told me what to do, and what the rationale behind it was. He was completely wrong, completely wrong about the rationale, but it worked anyway. 

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