Sunday, August 05, 2012

For the second time this summer, police in Alaska have shot and killed a man wielding a baseball bat. As my friend Rich says, "Who brings a bat to a gunfight?" Maybe, though, if this trend continues,  the police should consider carrying baseballs.

Last week, I updated to OS X, Mountain Lion. Now, all my iDevices sync automatically and constantly with my computer, and messages to and from one device can appear on all of them. Leaving aside their "assimilating" and forced collectivization, you have to admit that the Borg knew how to stay in touch.

Finally, I was talking (or ranting more likely) to my daughter about how the low interest rates that have prevailed since the (over regulated?!!) banks destroyed the economy have made it hard for savers and retirees to make any money on their investments. "It's fine for banks, because they can always make money on the spread, but it's bad for people who have to buy mayonnaise."

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