Sunday, August 26, 2012

As The OB/GYN Didn't Say, But It's Hard To Keep Coming Up With Headlines, Once More Into The Breach

So, here I am, once again killing time while it kills me back. Incidentally, I think I might have said that before, but things (or at least, things like me) tend to repeat, don't they? Like those monkeys with the keyboards that kept typing the letter, "s," over and over? So, no Shakespeare, but then scholars believe Shakespeare didn't urinate on his keyboard, proving again that he was a much better playwright than the monkeys, both in the opinion of his critics, and his cleaning lady.
Last week, I heard a review of a book described as, "an epistolary novel — a genre Semple says is one of her favorites. "I just feel like there's this illicit thrill in reading other people's mail, and spying on their lives," she says. "It was so fun." A quote that came from the author, but could just as easily have come from the letter carrier's handbook.
I thought it was a little over the top when I provided a link last week that seemed to imply that Romney and Hitler were the same. I get so tired of people cheapening the Holocaust by comparing things like their assistant  principal, Mr. Kufel, to a Nazi. Especially after my French teacher heard me. But even if Romney and Hitler are in totally different cults, it's still unsettling to hear Romney race-baiting as he was in Detroit recently. He's too smooth and slick to want to personally be a birther, but if you're one, he sure does want your vote.

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