Monday, March 14, 2011

Fwd: Family Photographer

Begin forwarded message:

I sent you an email ages ago about a deal my photographer friend Emily was running for family photo sessions in AK. Ticket prices have skyrocketed this year and since Emily planned to bring her whole family to AK she's afraid she can't afford it. I said I thought some people were interested in sessions, and that I'd email again to ask.Please let me know if you, or someone you know might be interested in this. 

As a reminder, I asked if she'd give us a deal and she said for mini-shoots in Alaska she'd be willing to do the session for $100 and include a cd of all the photos she took (look around, I think this is a GREAT deal). 

Here's Emily's main website: and here's her blog:  (you can contact her through her website).

She's done a lot of children/family photography and in the last year or so has branched out into wedding and engagement shoots (I love this engagement shoot: ) She's also done some great mulit-generational photo shoots for family reunions. 

I definitely think you should consider booking her if you're going to be in Alaska around July 3rd, 2011. Even if you decide you don't need photographs of you and your loved ones (and why you wouldn't is beyond me ;)), would you please consider passing this information on to your friends and family who will be in Alaska?


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