Monday, March 21, 2011

The Blog: Millennial Edition

I finally got a comment this morning, sort of. It was a self-referential, meta-comment really. It was a comment about a comment that was never made, and like  millennium-before-last hi-tech, it was written on paper.

Leah was telling me recently that we shouldn't use Teflon because of the risk of cancer. Clearly, she's never washed a cast iron pan with burnt on eggs. Then, last week, she was a little freaked about the possibility of radiation from Japan drifting over us. I was pretty unimpressed. When I was a kid, back in the Twentieth Century, they used to blow up atomic bombs. We had actual fallout drifting around, not this namby-pamby, is it or isn't it, "minuscule leak" stuff."

Oh, oh, I published this before I remembered I wanted to quote Steve Earle. He was talking about a pistol, but it could just as easily apply to a bomber, "It can get you into trouble, but it can't get you out."

And then, just after I published that, the phone rang and I was polled about our upcoming election. They asked if I was varying degrees of conservative or liberal. I asked if there wasn't a choice to be moderate. They said there was, but that they weren't supposed to read it. "Well, I'm extremely moderate," I told them. Then they asked if I was married or single. "I'm extremely married," I said.

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