Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Post 1000. I Know, I Hoped It Would Be Better, Too. It's Kind Of Disappointing, But What Isn't?

We have a new bungie boss at our station. She told me she was disappointed by my cynicism. Get in line, lady. I've got a wife I've been disappointing for years. She took over from my parents, and now my children ("You're a sad little man") are continuing the tradition. For that matter, I'm disappointed in myself. So, just wait, you think you're disappointed now? Give it a chance.
But, as far as cynicism goes, I'm not any more cynical than the next man (especially if the next man is Ambrose Bierce or somebody); I've earned my cynicism. I've lost track of how many people I've worked with, and then for, whose main qualification is that they fulfill a diversity quota or just happen to be related to another manager, or maybe they bring the cocaine to the office party. Seriously, does that sound cynical?

I was talking to a friend today about my birthday plans for next August. That's the day I'll be eligible to upgrade my iPhone, and by then, rumor has it, the iPhone 5 will be out, and it will allow the phone to be used as a payment device. I'm off that day, and I plan on being at the store when they open.
"You won't be eligible until after 5pm sir," "That's okay, I'll wait,"
My friend said that having a phone that was also a payment device might not be safe if the phone was inadvertently left somewhere. That's probably why we'll eventually have our devices implanted. In just a year we'll have gone from the Kinect's implementation of 1984, all the way to the 23rd Century and the borg. In Orwell's world, though, I don't think they camped out overnight to get the latest TV to watch them watching it. This might revolutionize preventive health care in this country, "Time for your colonoscopy and phone upgrade."

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