Monday, January 10, 2011

Look At The Pretty Patterns. Some Of Them Might Be Words

Today a customer told me that she was sorry they hadn't got me anything for Christmas, but the whole holiday thing was just too much this year. I told her that was fine, I don't need presents, and we didn't do very much this year either. We put up  a tree, and took it down without ever getting around to decorating it. Next year I'm thinking of taking thirty four dollars and making a bouquet of them, and then when they start to pall, just swirling them back into my wallet. She asked if she could have a thank you card anyway. My thank you cards are almost as popular as my jambalaya, and way more popular than I am.
I did get some Barnes and Noble gift cards. Today I was listening to a tech podcast and they were comparing Barnes and Noble to Borders. Borders hasn't got much of an online presence, and no e-reader at all, and by this time next year, they may be gone.  I know people with Nooks, and Kindles, and they seem pretty good at what they do, (the Nooks and Kindles, well, the people, too, really) but I must say again, that the Nook's iPhone app is just sad. Not Velveteen Rabbit sad, more like Sad Sack sad. For one example, there is no way to lock the orientation, so if you're in bed, it's like trying to read a kaleidoscope.

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