Sunday, May 02, 2010

What Would Chris Do?

My niece, Chris, is possibly the nicest person I know. Actually, there's no doubt that she is, I just wanted to leave open the possibility that you might be the nicest person, but sadly (unless you are Chris) you're not. She scrimped and saved and recently bought a new computer. I wish I could say that I scrimped or saved, or even made a plan, but yesterday I did buy a new iMac. Partly because the day before yesterday, I went to buy ink for my printer, and it was so expensive that I just bought a new printer instead. The new printer was wireless, but the old computer wasn't and really, what's the point of having a wireless printer if you still have to have wires? That's what I said to Karen anyway, several times, and also, I really, really wanted a new computer.
I kind of love it. To start, I hooked a cable up to my old computer, pressed "Transfer" and all my files, and all my settings, rode over to the new computer, put themselves away and went to work, doing whatever it is they do (just like Chris would have done if she was a new computer).
I just took a break from typing to use Skype with my computer's built in video camera!
But now Karen is telling me we have to go down the street to a graduation party. In some ways people, with their rigid insistence on capitalizing the first letter of their names, and talking about things that aren't my iPhone or iMac, can be less satisfying than you'd think.
Anyway, Skype me.

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  1. Ahhh, thank you . . . don't believe anything Ben or Lindsey say, I really am a nice person! :)

    And really who can fault your logic . . . wireless really means no wires, right?