Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thursday's Child Has Far To Go, Especially Since Apparently He's Not Even Going To Start (And He Thought He Was Born On Saturday)

I haven't told you every single thing about me that I wasn't proud of or everything I was proud of for that matter. Although, if I tell you that one time my mother said I had nice hands, I will pretty well have exhausted  the topic: stuff I'm proud of.
Anyway, about a year ago, I read an article in Wired Magazine about WolframAlpha. It's sort of exactly not like Google. And not like Bing isn't like Google, but wants to be, but in a totally amazing way of combining data that's in the world already, and succinctly presenting just the part you want to know, like how many cars in France are Fords, or what day you were born or what the weather was like on that day. Which is pretty amazing now that I look at it. But here's the deal, after the excitement of finding out I was born on Thursday (which comes as a shock every time I find out) and that the weather was partly cloudy and the wind ranged from zero to twelve miles per hour at Merrill Field that day* I almost never need to know the weather from 50 odd years ago. What I apparently want to know based on my browsing history, is what's on TV tonight (Ace of Cakes), what books in my price range are available to download (With the Old Breed by E.B. Sledge), and who has an iPhone bike mount (Dahon). So, I'm not worthy of WolframAlpha, but I would like to put in a little plug for Chrome by Google, a fast, minimalist browser which combines search and the address bar.

*I rode my bike around Merrill Field this morning, to give you just one example of how far I haven't come since then.

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