Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cui Bono

Blah, blah, blah, I sat down to write a funny post about health care reform, but it turns out that the monster insurance companies, the demagogic politicians, the so-called conservative talk radio Goebbels, and our own Sarah Palin who, since failing in her run for vp, has apparently set her sights on leading a rabble of lemmings, have sucked the humor right out of my keyboard.
Every other industrialized country has a single payer system that costs less than ours and provides much better outcomes by any measure.
We should ask ourselves who benefits from scuttling the attempts at reform?


  1. Hope you don't mind, but my BFF Rose Mary fwd to me a most astute commentary of yours that relates to this post. It's more than worthy of being posted itself: "When I was a conservative, it meant supporting the smallest government possible and individual rights. Now, being conservative seems to mean supporting corporate greed no matter what effect that has on individuals." And it keeps getting better. It's brilliant - certainly expresses my own reasons for crossing the aisle. This "Kill Granny" hysteria (re: health bill HR 3200) reminds me of the way the Dems went after Goldwater back in the 60s. So I asked Rosie, "Who's David?" She clued me in. BTW, did she fwd that barfy pic of Robert's surgery?