Thursday, July 17, 2008

Things About Anchorage

It's been a cold, gray, depressing summer. The weather service is reporting almost every week, that after a couple of warm years, this summer is a return to normal patterns as if that isn't depressing.
As I typed that, the news reported a story about new improved equipment that the weather service just got to make more accurate forecasts. What we need are better forecasts. Along the same lines, Fish and Game is saying that despite a girl on a bike being mauled as well as horses in corrals on the Hillside, this is just a regular bear year, nothing special. Don't be alarmed, oh, and don't go outside.
I just finished a book a friend gave me, called Anchorage Place Names. It's fascinating; I actually knew some of the people whose names grace our city. For instance Terry and Arlene streets are named for the two kids that grew up across the street from us. What they don't mention is that Terry ended up living on Arlene St. Even my pediatrician is mentioned and the husband of one our Hardly Davidsons and a lady that I took a class from and, and, and... I guess people who didn't grow up here might not be as excited by this book, but I think it's a jewel, just like Jewel Lake over by the airport.

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