Saturday, July 12, 2008

Catch 22: When Visas are Illegal, Only Criminals Will Have Visas

Did you know that you can only get a visa to come into this country, if you're not in the country already? That makes sense on the surface, but what if you are here legally, maybe teaching at a university, and you want to go home for a visit, but before you leave you want to be sure you can come back? Nope, you've got to go somewhere and apply for a visa. I can't name any names or countries, at this point, but here's a piece of advice for foreigners planning a trip; think about what country you want to get stranded in, before you go.
What's galling about the grilling you will be subjected to by the American consular officials is that only people who report to the consulate to be grilled, can be grilled. People who fake documents and sneak across the border are fine.

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