Monday, July 09, 2007

It's a Poor Tool That Blames Its Workman

I finished the driveway yesterday. No, the driveway is a journey not a destination, a process not a static state; so I guess it never will be finished especially since I ran out of materials. The process was kind of exciting. I guess if they call something a weed burner, no one should be surprised if a bunch of weeds burst into flame. I was, though. As I was running for the hose, I was thinking I'm pretty sure I can stop this, but I know if they end up doing a news story, they reporters are going to be all condescending, "If this happens to you, call 911, don't try to fight the fire yourself," But if I was capable of that kind of high level reasoning, I wouldn't be doing the driveway myself in the first place. Right now, because of really flawed planning, the low spot in the driveway looks like a butte in a bowl.
After work today, I put new pedals on my bike. I wanted to practice unclipping before I have to ride in traffic, or just stop for that matter. They were easy enough to put on the bike, but so far, I haven't been able to clip in, better yet, unclip. What a tool.

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