Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Trying to figure out figure 1

Miriam, I’m installing a child seat in our car as Evelyn is coming to visit tomorrow. The manual refers to the car’s manual which refers back to the seat manual. Local firemen (firepeople) will do the installation, but it really seems like what we need here is someone familiar with the Talmudic tradition of comparing texts. Anyway, I finally grasp what you were trying to tell me about seat belts locking into place if you pull them out all the way. What you were describing is the ALR (no explanation given for what those letters mean) which only permits the seat belt to retract. I knew that was true since I almost strangled on the way home from Manchester by the Sea, but I didn’t know why. 
It’s a far cry from the days when we used to ride on the floor of Arlene J Mayfield’s parents’ Studebaker which didn’t have a back seat. We used to poke paper out through the holes in the floor, then stand up to look to see where it went. We turned out okay, except for maybe a tendency to type long posts instead of trying to figure out how to install this seat. 

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